Curious indeed-his many years of prominence in the folk scene haven't really featured many stage spotlights ....... Well- what a treat we have been missing. Not only is it great to listen to, but the CD has hardly been off the player or the tunes and songs out of my head since! .... a wide variety of good tunes and songs played well, arranged with sensitivity and wonderfully easy to listen to. ..... After a rousing start with 'Cycles' featuring a light crisp melodeon and good solid bass, we roam through a mix of dance music, a song, music for others to take note and learn from, and nice bursts of clarinet and engaging guitar and cello or piano. Deep into the CD are the tunes and songs that stay around forever. The Wedding Suite set is just wonderful, bright and breezy with two tempo changes and beautiful punchy melodeon playing. Engaging songs follow-Far More Than I Can Say and News-it just gets better and better, Lakeland Rambles is just lovely, then the most beautiful of them all 'Curiosity' just makes you want to start all over again. So- why has this CD been such a long time coming?


Along with Bev Langton, Ray has long been the driving force of Towersey's Childrens Festival as well as being a fine melodeon player. He stepped out of the shadows earlier this year with his debut album 'For Curiosity', on which he was joined by members of Whapweasel and the Ruth Notman Trio among others. He now finds time to escape from the Children's Festival for a couple of Village Hall spots. Check out the album available at The Rocking Chair CD stall on the Showground


The Shropshire based melodeonist and singer brings us an invigorating disc of almost entirely self penned tunes...Though most compositions are in traditional style, the treatments adopted often owe more to folk rock being backed (among others) by Ich Mowatt and members of Whapweasel.


The album is well balanced in the variety of different tune types, as also the range of instrumentation, from solo melodeon through line ups featuring such instruments as acoustic, electric and bass guitars, cello, piano, cittern and clarinet played by a host of guest musicians. While there are plenty of inventive arrangements going on-the touch of klezmer-type clarinet for instance-nothing gets in the way of a good melody giving all the rhythm and swing that a dance tune needs. A very enjoyable album; it's good to know that people are out there keeping the tradition going not only by playing, but by writing new tunes as well and sending them out into the world.


Ray Langton has been performing and singing for over 30 years.....he is known for his 'danceable tunes' and has always composed and performed in atraditional style. The tunes are lively and well played and the melodies are tuneful and varied.....My appreciation of the CD increased when I listened to track 3 'The Market Cross'...I love Ray's voice and delivery, which makes the story come alive and is definitely my favourite track. Ray is involved in festivals throughout the country and I definitely recommend seeking him out.....